Illustrated History
Gospel Work - Sunday School and Young People
Sunday School work has always been a feature of the life of Witton Chapel. Attendances have varied but were particularly healthy in the 1930's.
From time to time young people's meetings have also been held. This entry in the minute book is from 1932. It was not the first young people's meeting and it was not to be the last.
Betty Bache and Joyce Morris with Joyce's Sunday School class in the early 1950's.
A Sunday School outing.
A group of Sunday School children with Mr. Jackson, Mr. Berry and a "mum" in 1951.
Jenny Mortishire (nee Jackson) remembers what life was like for her as a child at Witton. She refers to
"The very special fellowship of those years at the end of and after the war, when I was privileged to be a child there absorbing it all - so many priceless memories - meetings in Clematis Cottage, Nana and Grandpa's hospitality, sing-songs and fellowship round the piano at our home, hymns and happy sounds floating upstairs when Tony (her brother) and I were in bed. But it was Auntie Joyce (Morris) who held us youngsters, with Friday evening games and fellowship times, sausage sizzles, outings to Malvern, Worcester (Christian films), Birmingham Youth for Christ Rallies, tea, games and Bible Study at No. 7, Mr. and Mrs. Morris laughing at Joyce and that noisy game of 'Shop Missus'. And Vi and Geoff. I could go on; How could I not wish to follow Jesus, when I could see him in so many people? What a wrench to leave; what home-sickness, testing and trials lay ahread. But foundations of faith were firmly laid at Witton Chapel."
Over the years children's missions and other events have been organised including this holiday Bible Club in the early 1980's.
Activities (?) in the garden of 3 St. Mary's Road.
A holiday Bible Club held in the early 1980's.
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