Illustrated History
People at Witton Chapel (1925-1939)
Mr. Tringham
Mr. Tringham became a widower twice and was married three times. He had one son and is believed to have had six daughters. His grandson, Frank Wilday, (son of his daughter Annie) preached occasionally at the chapel during the 1940s.
Mr.Tringham's home, 5 0ld Coach Road as it was earlier this century. His was the first house on the right.
5 Old Coach Road in more recent times.
Minuted in 1927 when he was 85 years old.
Minuted in 1931 when he was 89 and lighting the boiler.
Although Mr. Tringham was 83 when the chapel opened, these extracts show how keen he was to play an active part in the life of the new chapel.
He was 96 when he died in 1937. He was much loved as can be seen from these extracts in the minutes and even in the account book!
Mr. Jackson
In 1919 Sydney Jackson came to live in Droitwich with his wife Jessie and young daughter, Kathleen. He was in his early 30s. He supported the work at Tower Hill and played an important part in planning and overseeing the work on the new Chapel.
Mr. Jackson was Church secretary for many years. The extracts from the minutes shown here were written by him. For 30 years he faithfully and conscientiously served the Lord at Witton Chapel. He left Droitwich in 1955 and died at the age of 80 in 1966.
Mr. Jackson in his garden at "Ivanhoe"
Mr. & Mrs. Jackson and their daughter Kathleen.
The Jackson's second home in Droitwich - "Ivanhoe", Alexander Avenue.
A modernised version of the house where the Jacksons were living in 1925 - No. 11,Tagwell Road.
Mr Twite
Charles Twite visited Droitwich for health reasons and became well known at the Tower Hill Chapel. He joined them when he came to live in the town with his wife and daughter in 1922.
Little is known about him but he played a very significant role in the planning of the chapel. His time in Droitwich, though short was very important.
Sadly, he did not live to see his vision become a reality for he died in 1924. His funeral took place exactly one year before the opening of the new chapel.
The Twite's home - Otley House, Corbett Avenue.
Mr Freer
Mr. Freer
Mrs. Freer with her grandaughter Olwyn.
The Freer's home in Tagwell Lane (now King George Avenue.)
George Freer came to Droitwich shortly before Mr. Twite's death. He was able to take his place in furthering the new venture. He took a leading role in the life and ministry of Witton Chapel until he moved to Birmingham in 1937.
More People
Messrs.Tringham, Jackson, Twite, and Freer (supported by their wives) were key figures in the founding of the new Chapel. There were others (Mr. Bourne, Mr. Hencher, Mr.Bayliss, Miss Kemp, Miss Reeves, Mr. & Mrs. Shelton, and Mr. Fellows) who were also very supportive and their names appear often in the early records.
Miss Kemp who was the matron of a maternity home.
The death of Mr. Bayliss
This reference to the death of Mr. Bayliss shows that there was concern to offer material as well as spiritual help to those in need. Such entries in the minutes are not unusual.
The wedding of Fred Berry and Kathleen Jackson
This group at the wedding of Fred Berry and Kathleen Jackson in 1927, contains a number of members of Tower Hill. Mr. Fellows is in the centre of the back row: the Jacksons on the extreme right in the second row: Mrs. Fellows (nee Reeves) is second from the left on the second row next to Mr. & Mrs. Freer.
Two photographs taken outside the chapel after the wedding of Fred and Kathleen Berry in 1937.
7 St. Mary's Road
7 St. Mary's Road where Mr. & Mrs. Fellows lived until 1934 when it became the home of the Morris Family. This home, where Joyce Morris still lives (2006), has been "open house" for Christians for over 70 years.
Mrs. Lily Morris.
The wedding of Violet Morris and Geoff Pearson in 1939. Mr. Morris is second from the right and Mr. Jackson on the far left next to Joyce Morris.
Mr. & Mrs. Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Griffin came to the town in 1926. They lived in Clematis Cottage near the Water Tower and cycled to church. They were a much loved couple.
Queenie Bourne who attended the Chapel before the war, now Mrs. Gurney.
Mr. Breeze
Mr. Breeze came to the Chapel in 1930. He made a valuable contribution by visiting sick and elderly members.
Fred Berry.
Fred Berry came to Droitwich from Somerset in 1929 at the age of 23. He became an active member, involved with the open air work and work among the young people. He married Kathleen Jackson in 1937. For work reasons they had to leave the town in 1954. Fred Berry died in 1976 at the age of 70. Kathleen died in 1994, aged 79.
Fred and Kathleen Berry.
The home of the Berry family, 67, Oakland Avenue.
3 St. Marys Road.
Maisie Gwilliam came to live at this house with her parents in 1934. She remembered attending the Tower Hill Sunday School at the age of three in 1913. She and her friend Alice were loyal supporters of the Chapel and purchased some of the chairs used in the main hall. They would also do the washing up after conferences. Maisie died in 1989.
Alice Tyler came to Witton Chapel in 1941. She went to live with the Gwilliams in 1947 and worshipped at the Chapel until her death in 1997.
An account of a farewell in 1932.
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