Illustrated History
People at Witton Chapel (Post 1945)
Graham Oakes - national serviceman in Droitwich 1960
The wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Griffin
This photograph was taken on the occasion of the wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Griffin - probably in the early 1950's. Some of the people in the above photograph: the Jacksons, the Berrys, the Henchers, the Ferns, the Kilmisters, the Exons, the Brooms, the Chammins, the Walfords, the Highs, Shirley Saunders and her sister, Mrs. Bourne, Vera Fellows, Mrs. Morris and Joyce Morris, Betty Bache, Maisie Gwilliam and Alice Tyler.
Jim and Pamela Slatter with two of their children (taken in 1963).
A photograph probably taken in the 1960's.
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