Illustrated History
Witton Chapel Opening Day
February 1925
An early photograph of the chapel taken before 1934.
On the left of the building is the small extension containing the kitchen, toilet (long corrugated roof), and boiler house (small raised corrugated roof). Behind them was a small back room. Note the hedge, fence and gates, which have since been removed. Mr. Jackson's granddaughter remembers how much fun the children had playing amongst the bushes - especially when the grown-ups were busy preparing tea for special occasions!
Entries in the account book showing the cost of certain items for the new building. Details are also given of items which were hired for opening day.
Providing tea for 230 must have been a formidable task. The ladies of the Chapel produced more than enough and surplus food was sold, raising 12s-10d (64p) for the building fund.
Mrs Jackson
Mrs Jackson was responsible for coordinating the arrangements to provide tea on opening day. She died in 1976 at the age of 90.
An account of the opening of Witton Chapel on the 14th of February 1925 recorded in the church minutes by Mr. Jackson.
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