Illustrated History
The New Building
The building fund account book showing the purchaseof the land. Early entries in this book were probably made by Mr. Twite.
The new building in a new part of the town.
Plan of the Chapel
Some of the practical matters which had to be considered.
Three photographs of the building taken a few years before the extension was built in 1975.
Building Costs
In 1925 the new building cost about £1,200-00.
In 1975/76 the extension cost about £5,500.00.
Continued problems with the solid fuel heating system led to consideration in 1931 of an electric heating system. Such a system was not installed but in 1961 an oil-fired system was installed. This was replaced by gas heating when the new extension was built.
Witton Chapel Running Costs
Heating and Lighting Water Insurance
1929 (gas lighting, solid fuel heating) £9-10-1 5s-0d 17s-0d
1963 (electric lighting, oil heating) £51-12-5 £1-6-0 £3-5-0
1977 (electric lighting, gas heating) £193.51 £3.00 £25.50
1994  £463.62  £11.15 £196.10
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