Illustrated History
People at Witton Chapel (1939-1945)
The War Years (1939-1945) were not an easy time for the chapel, affecting the numbers attending some of the meetings. It was a time of great blessing, however, for a number of service men and women stationed in the area attended the services.
Thelma Dyer, civil servant
Betty Adams
Mr. Reeves
Ivy Blake, ATS
Lawrence "Kitty" Kitteridge
"Paddy" Adams on the left with Thelma Dyer, Ivy Blake and on the right Mrs. Griffin
Mr. Jackson's granddaughter, Jennifer Mortishire (nee Berry) remembers what wonderful people they were and counts herself privileged to have been at the Chapel in those years.
Phyllis Allen, army cook.
Prisoner of War.
An extract from a letter written in 1975 by one of the servicemen, Mr. Hargreaves. The Chapel appreciated the servicemen but it is clear that they also appreciated the chapel!
A forces farewell party in 1946.
A forces re-union in 1966.
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