July 2010
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
The Christian's Interest in Glory Phil 3:20,21 6.21MB Stephen Jeffreys July 11th 2010 p.m.
"It is finished" John 19:28-37 7.35MB Mervyn Evans July 11th 2010 a.m.
Following Christ Phil 3:15-19 7.06MB Chris Baynham July 4th 2010 p.m.
June 2010
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Running the Christian race Phil 3:13-14 6.08MB Stephen Jeffreys June 27th 2010 p.m.
Jesus, The King of the Jews. John 19:17-27 6.58MB Chris Baynham June 27th 2010 a.m.
In Christ and knowing Christ Phil 3:9-12 6.05MB Stephen Jeffreys June 13th 2010 p.m.
Jesus bruised for our iniquities John 19:1-16 7.69MB Chris Baynham June 13th 2010 a.m.
May 2010
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Counting all things but loss Phil 3:4-8 6.03MB Stephen Jeffreys May 2nd 2010 p.m.
The Trial of Christ John 18:28-40 7.18MB Chris Baynham May 2nd 2010 a.m.
April 2010
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
"Beware, worship and rejoice" Phil 3:1-3 8.79MB Chris Baynham Apr 18th 2010 p.m.
Peter's Denial of Christ John 18:12-27 6.43MB Stephen Jeffreys Apr 18th 2010 a.m.
Seek the things that are Christ's Phil 2:19-30 6.33MB Stephen Jeffreys Apr 11th 2010 p.m.
The arrest of Jesus John 18:1-11 7.27MB Chris Baynham Apr 11th 2010 a.m.
March 2010
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Believers - children of God Phil 2:14-18 7.21MB Stephen Jeffreys Mar 28th 2010 p.m.
Work out your salvation Phil 2:12,13 6.64MB Stephen Jeffreys Mar 14th 2010 p.m.
Christ prays for our sanctification John 17:17-26 6.29MB Chris Baynham Mar 14th 2010 a.m.
February 2010
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Christ's name above every name Phil 2:9-11 6.00MB Stephen Jeffreys Feb 28th 2010 p.m.
Christ's glory set aside Phil 2:5-8 8.31MB Chris Baynham Feb 14th 2010 p.m.
Demonstration of changed lives Phil 2:1-4 7.32MB Stephen Jeffreys Feb 7th 2010 p.m.
Christ prays for our preservation John 17:9-16 6.25MB Chris Baynham Feb 7th 2010 a.m.
January 2010
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
The Gospel of Christ displayed Phil 1:27-30 6.56MB Stephen Jeffreys Jan 17th 2010 p.m.
The Father glorifies the Son John 17:1-8 7.35MB Chris Baynham Jan 17th 2010 a.m.
For to me to Live is Christ Phil 1:19-26 5.94MB Stephen Jeffreys Jan 10th 2010 p.m.
Parting of Christ foretold John 16:16-33 6.52MB Chris Baynham Jan 10th 2010 a.m.
Dedication to the Lord 2Chr 29 6.67MB Chris Baynham Jan 3rd 2010 p.m.
Sure and Certain Hope Eph 2:12 6.22MB Stephen Jeffreys Jan 3rd 2010 a.m.
December 2009
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
The Prince of Peace Isaiah 9:6 6.68MB Stephen Jeffreys Dec 27th 2009 p.m.
Preciousness of Christ 1Peter 2:7 5.40MB Chris Baynham Dec 27th 2009 a.m.
Time to consider Luke 2 3.31MB Chris Baynham Christmas Day 2009
Paul serving God in prison Phil 1:12-18 5.95MB Chris Baynham Dec 13th 2009 p.m.
The work of the Spirit John 16:8-15 6.21MB Stephen Jeffreys Dec 13th 2009 a.m.
Christian Love Phil 1:3-11 6.04MB Stephen Jeffreys Dec 6th 2009 p.m.
Prophecy, Persecution & Promises John 16:1-7 6.85MB Chris Baynham Dec 6th 2009 a.m.
November 2009
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Our relationship to Christ Phil 1:1,2 6.58MB Stephen Jeffreys Nov 8th 2009 p.m.
Abiding in His Love John 15:18-27 7.91MB Chris Baynham Nov 8th 2009 a.m.
To God be the glory Acts Ch.16 6.26MB Stephen Jeffreys Nov 1st 2009 p.m.
October 2009
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Conversion of Lydia Acts Ch.16 6.79MB Chris Baynham Oct 25th 2009 p.m.
September 2009
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
God's providences & blessings Ruth Ch2. 6.00MB Stephen Jeffreys Sept 27th 2009 p.m.
Devotion to God Ruth Ch1. 7.07MB Chris Baynham Sept 20th 2009 p.m.
Christ's love proved John 15:12-16 7.50MB Mervyn Evans Sept 6th 2009 a.m.
August 2009
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Faith in Christ Acts 24:24,25 7.27MB Stephen Jeffreys Aug 23rd 2009 p.m.
True Prayer John 15:7-11 7.03MB Mervyn Evans Aug 23rd 2009 a.m.
July 2009
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Walking with God Judges Chs.19-21 6.04MB Chris Baynham July 26th 2009 p.m.
"I am the true vine" John 15:1-6 7.78MB Mervyn Evans July 26th 2009 a.m.
June 2009
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
The need for Revival Judges Chs.17-18 6.25MB Chris Baynham June 28th 2009 p.m.
"My peace I give unto you" John 14:27-31 6.72MB Stephen Jeffreys June 28th 2009 a.m.
Samson - consecrated to God Judges Chs.13-16 4.51MB Stephen Jeffreys June 14th 2009 p.m.
The bond of love between God & the believer John 14:21-26 4.37MB Chris Baynham June 14th 2009 a.m.
Repentance, trials and submission Judges Chs.10-12 4.31MB Chris Baynham June 7th 2009 p.m.
"I will not leave you comfortless" John 14:18-20 4.92MB Mervyn Evans June 7th 2009 a.m.
May 2009
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Sin, its consequence & forgiveness Judges Ch.9 4.89MB Chris Baynham May 24th 2009 p.m.
Christ's promises to His disciples John 14:12-17 5.51MB Mervyn Evans May 24th 2009 a.m.
The failing of Gideon Judges 8:22-35 4.56MB Stephen Jeffreys May 10th 2009 p.m.
"I am the way, the truth, and the life" John 14:4-11 4.11MB Chris Baynham May 10th 2009 a.m.
Gideon - the exercise of faith Judges 7:16-8:21 4.24MB Stephen Jeffreys May 3rd 2009 p.m.
Jesus comforts his disciples John 14:1-3 4.73MB Mervyn Evans May 3rd 2009 a.m.
April 2009
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Gideon - The challenge of faith Judges 7:1-15 4.16MB Chris Baynham April 19th 2009 p.m.
Jesus begins his final address John 13:31-38 4.86MB Mervyn Evans April 19th 2009 a.m.
March 2009
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Gideon - A man prepared by God Judges Ch.6 4.97MB Stephen Jeffreys Mar 22nd 2009 p.m.
The Betrayal of the Lord Jesus Christ John 13:16-30 5.04MB Mervyn Evans Mar 22nd 2009 a.m.
The Song of Deborah Judges Ch.5 6.00MB Chris Baynham Mar 8th 2009 p.m.
Jesus washes the disciples feet John 13:1-15 5.37MB Mervyn Evans Mar 8th 2009 a.m.
February 2009
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
God chooses the weak things Judges Ch.4 4.44MB Stephen Jeffreys Feb 22nd 2009 p.m.
"Who is this Son of Man?" John 12:34-50 4.85MB Mervyn Evans Feb 22nd 2009 a.m.
Revival Judges 3:7-31 4.99MB Chris Baynham Feb 8th 2009 p.m.
Christ's Trouble, Prayer and Death John 12:27-33 4.76MB Mervyn Evans Feb 8th 2009 a.m.
January 2009
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Proving God and His Ways Judges 2:6-3:6 4.77MB Chris Baynham Jan 25th 2009 p.m.
"We would see Jesus" John 12:20-26 4.37MB Mervyn Evans Jan 25th 2009 a.m.
Christ's Entry to Jerusalem John 12:12-19 4.60MB Mervyn Evans Jan 18th 2009 a.m.
The Human Condition Judges Chs.1,2 4.72MB Chris Baynham Jan 4th 2009 p.m.
Our View of Christ John 11:47-12:11 4.11MB Stephen Jeffreys Jan 4th 2009 a.m.
December 2008
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Preparing for the End of Time Matt Ch. 25 4.38MB Chris Baynham Dec 28th 2008 p.m.
Mary pondered these things Luke 2:19 4.50MB Mervyn Evans Dec 28th 2008 a.m.
His Name shall be called ... Is 9:6 4.31MB Stephen Jeffreys Dec 25th 2008
"Unto You", Christ is born Luke Ch.2;Is Ch.7 4.25MB Chris Baynham Dec 21st 2008 p.m.
The Shepherds at Christ's Birth Luke Ch.2 3.71MB Mervyn Evans Dec 21st 2008 a.m.
Joshua's farewell challenge Josh. 24:15-33 4.49MB Stephen Jeffreys Dec 7th 2008 p.m.
The Raising of Lazarus John 11:1-46 4.64MB Chris Baynham Dec 7th 2008 a.m.
November 2008
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Serve the Lord in Sincerity Josh 24:1-14 4.70MB Chris Baynham Nov 30th 2008 p.m.
Jesus says: "I and my Father are one" John 10:31-42 4.42MB Mervyn Evans Nov 30th 2008 a.m.
Take Heed that Ye Love the Lord Joshua Ch. 23 5.19MB Chris Baynham Nov 16th 2008 p.m.
Jesus' Sheep John 10:19-30 4.91MB Mervyn Evans Nov 16th 2008 a.m.
True Devotion Reaffirmed Josh Ch. 22 4.21MB Stephen Jeffreys Nov 2nd 2008 p.m.
October 2008
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
God's Faithfulness Josh Chs. 18-21 4.30MB Stephen Jeffreys Oct 26th 2008 p.m.
Serving the Lord Josh Ch. 17 4.12MB Chris Baynham Oct 19th 2008 p.m.
September 2008
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
The Lord's Faithfulness Proved Josh Chs.13,14 3.73MB Stephen Jeffreys Sept 28th 2008 p.m.
The Shepherd dies for His Sheep John 10:10-18 4.33MB Chris Baynham Sept 28th 2008 a.m.
Christian Warfare Josh Chs.11,12 4.04MB Stephen Jeffreys Sept 21st 2008 p.m.
Salvation:Entering the Sheepfold John 10:1-9 5.27MB Mervyn Evans Sept 21st 2008 a.m.
Answered Prayer 2Chr Ch.35 5.03MB Chris Baynham Sept 7th 2008 p.m.
The Christian's Hope 1John 3:3 4.98MB Mervyn Evans Sept 7th 2008 a.m.
August 2008
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
God working in and through us Heb 13:21 4.54MB Stephen Jeffreys Aug 31st 2008 p.m.
Approaching God in Prayer Hab 3 4.88MB Chris Baynham Aug 31st 2008 a.m.
The God of Peace Heb 13:20 4.25MB Stephen Jeffreys Aug 24th 2008 p.m.
Now are we the Sons of God 1John 3:2 4.83MB Mervyn Evans Aug 24th 2008 a.m.
True worship Isaiah 29:13 5.29MB Chris Baynham Aug 3rd 2008 p.m.
Behold, what manner of love 1John 3:1 5.03MB Mervyn Evans Aug 3rd 2008 a.m.
July 2008
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
God's miraculous intervention Josh Ch.10 3.86MB Stephen Jeffreys July 27th 2008 p.m.
Healed man confesses Christ John 9:26-41 4.73MB Mervyn Evans July 27th 2008 a.m.
Biblical separation Josh Ch.9 4.24MB Chris Baynham July 13th 2008 p.m.
The blind man healed John 9:1-25 5.02MB Mervyn Evans July 13th 2008 a.m.
The Lord's presence restored Josh 8:1-25 4.60MB Stephen Jeffreys July 6th 2008 p.m.
Before Abraham was, I am John 8:48-59 5.04MB Mervyn Evans July 6th 2008 a.m.
June 2008
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
The Lord's presence removed Josh 7:1-26 4.55MB Stephen Jeffreys June 29th 2008 p.m.
True children of Abraham John 8:37-47 4.38MB Mervyn Evans June 29th 2008 a.m.
The Fall of Jericho Josh 5:13-6:27 4.35MB Stephen Jeffreys June 22nd 2008 p.m.
The Truth shall make you free John 8:31-36 4.85MB Chris Baynham June 22nd 2008 a.m.
A New Beginning Josh 5:1-12 4.80MB Chris Baynham June 8th 2008 p.m.
I and my Father are one John 8:13-30 5.01MB Mervyn Evans June 8th 2008 a.m.
May 2008
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Remembrance & Fear of The Lord Josh 4:1-24 6.05MB Chris Baynham May 25th 2008 p.m.
Jesus: The Light of the World John 8:12 4.93MB Mervyn Evans May 25th 2008 a.m.
Prepared for Blessing Josh 3:1-17 4.12MB Stephen Jeffreys May 4th 2008 p.m.
Forgiveness of sins John 8:1-11 4.98MB Mervyn Evans May 4th 2008 a.m.
April 2008
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Conversion of Rahab Josh 2:1-22 5.70MB Chris Baynham April 20th 2008 p.m.
Strong in the Lord Josh 1:1-18 4.26MB Stephen Jeffreys April 13th 2008 p.m.
Baptized into Christ Rom 6:1-14 4.71MB Chris Baynham April 6th 2008 p.m.
March 2008
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Risen with Christ Col 2:13-15 4.16MB Stephen Jeffreys Mar 23rd 2008 p.m.
Jesus Christ raised from the dead 2Tim 2v7 4.71MB Mervyn Evans Mar 23rd 2008 a.m.
True discipleship Deut Ch.34 4.12MB Chris Baynham Mar 16th 2008 p.m.
Preaching Christ and its effect John 7:40-53 4.53MB Stephen Jeffreys Mar 16th 2008 a.m.
The righteousness of faith in Christ Deut Ch.30 4.96MB Chris Baynham Mar 2nd 2008 p.m.
Jesus says, Come unto me. John 7:25-39 4.95MB Mervyn Evans Mar 2nd 2008 a.m.
February 2008
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Christ - our refuge Num Ch.35 3.98MB Stephen Jeffreys Feb 24th 2008 p.m.
Differing views of Christ John 7:1-24 5.51MB Mervyn Evans Feb 24th 2008 a.m.
Persevering in the Faith Num Chs:31-32 3.88MB Stephen Jeffreys Feb 17th 2008 p.m.
Will ye also go away? John 6:60-71 4.88MB Mervyn Evans Feb 17th 2008 a.m.
The Providences of God Num 27:15-17 5.61MB Chris Baynham Feb 3rd 2008 p.m.
Dependence on Christ John 6:52-59 5.10MB Mervyn Evans Feb 3rd 2008 a.m.
January 2008
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Death without fear Num Chs:25-27 4.73MB Chris Baynham Jan 27th 2008 p.m.
Believers Baptism Acts 8:26-40 4.78MB Mervyn Evans Jan 27th 2008 a.m.
Whom God has blessed, man cannot curse Num Chs:23,24 4.60MB Chris Baynham Jan 13th 2008 p.m.
I am the living Bread John 6:41-51 4.78MB Mervyn Evans Jan 13th 2008 a.m.
Looking for that blessed hope Titus 2:13 3.97MB Stephen Jeffreys Jan 6th 2008 p.m.
To glory in the Lord Jer 9:23,24 5.23MB Mervyn Evans Jan 6th 2008 a.m.
December 2007
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
A Pattern of Godliness Lk 15;Ps 103 3.46MB Chris Baynham Dec 30th 2007 p.m.
Spiritual growth 1 Peter 2:1-5 4.09MB Stephen Jeffreys Dec 30th 2007 a.m.
The Word made flesh John 1:1-14 3.44MB Chris Baynham Dec 25th 2007 a.m.
The wise men come to worship Christ Matt 2:1-12 4.84MB Stephen Jeffreys Dec 23rd 2007 p.m.
Angels sent to the shepherds Luke 2:8-16 4.07MB Chris Baynham Dec 23rd 2007 a.m.
With God nothing shall be impossible Luke 1:26-38 5.82MB Chris Baynham Dec 16th 2007 p.m.
His name shall be called Wonderful Isaiah 9:2-7 4.58MB Mervyn Evans Dec 16th 2007 a.m.
November 2007
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
The Error of Balaam Num Ch.22 4.37MB Stephen Jeffreys Nov 18th 2007 p.m.
The Bread of Life (II) John 6:34-40 5.19MB Mervyn Evans Nov 18th 2007 a.m.
The Brasen Serpent Num 21:4-9 5.65MB David Fielding Nov 11th 2007 p.m.
The Bread of Life (I) John 6:22-33 5.28MB Mervyn Evans Nov 11th 2007 a.m.
October 2007
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Water from the rock Num Ch.20 5.65MB Chris Baynham Oct 28th 2007 p.m.
Jesus walks on the sea John 6:15-21 3.78MB Stephen Jeffreys Oct 28th 2007 a.m.
Purification for sin Num Ch.19 4.31MB David Fielding Oct 21st 2007 p.m.
Feeding of the 5000 John 6:1-14 4.78MB Mervyn Evans Oct 21st 2007 a.m.
The work of the priest Num Ch.18 4.23MB Stephen Jeffreys Oct 7th 2007 p.m.
September 2007
Subject Passage File size Preacher Date
Is God really in control? Book of Ruth 4.87MB David Fielding Sept 30th 2007 p.m.
Aaron's rod Num 16:41-17:13 4.78MB David Fielding Sept 16th 2007 p.m.
Witness of Jesus John 5:30-47 5.04MB Mervyn Evans Sept 16th 2007 a.m.
Herein is love 1 John 4:10 5.22MB Chris Baynham Sept 2nd 2007 p.m.
Counsel of Jesus Rev 3:14-22 4.32MB Stephen Jeffreys Sept 2nd 2007 a.m.
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