June 2016
We have begun a new outreach activity with a monthly literature table outside the chapel on a Saturday morning to complement our tracting in the neighbourhood and in the town centre which usually takes place at Christmas, Harvest and Easter.
Church literature table
March 2016
Bernard has now been granted a permanent Zambian residency permit having been working for 10 years among the orphans in North West Zambia.
January 2016
Bernard is returning to Zambia now following his brief stay in the UK. He hopes to return again with Joyce in September.
November 2015
Bernard is feeling better having been resting in Lusaka. He will be returning to the UK for a couple of weeks from December 26th.
October 2015
Bernard and Joyce would value prayer for Bernard's health as he has suffered a mild stroke. He has been able to visit the clinic at Kitwe for tests and is currently resting before returning to Ikelenge.

P.S. Bernard is now due to travel on to Lusaka for further medical consultations.
July 2015
An outbreak of elephantitis in parts of Zambia has been giving concern in the orphan village in Ikelenge but they have received tablets to prevent the disease and are grateful for the prayers of all their friends.
June 2015
David Sherwood from Castlefields Chapel, Derby, is visiting Bernard & Joyce to see their work at first hand and encourage them that they are remembered in prayer by many folk back in the UK.
May 2015
The orphan village in Ikelenge has received a further 5 children to care for. They now have 46 children in total.
April 2015
News from Ikelenge: Joyce has passed her driving test and will be able to help Bernard with some of the driving and journeys that need to be undertaken.
March 2015
Items are being collected to meet the some of the needs of believers in Sri Lanka. The next shipment takes place during May and items need to be ready for packing during the first week of May.
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