October 2017
The house for the older girls at the orphan village in Ikelenge has been finished and fitted out with furniture made locally, including the 'luxury' of beds raised off the floor. Four girls with their 'house mother' have now moved in.
Girls with house mother
New table and benches
New beds
September 2017
A severe drought has been affecting the North of Sri Lanka where many of the Tamil churches are located. This is the worst drought experienced for 40 years and relief is being sent to enable water bowsers and bottled water to reach the affected areas along with food parcels and other necessary supplies.
July 2017
We have an urgent prayer request for Joyce in Ikelenge who has been taken into hospital and is being treated for a form of meningitis.
*UPDATE* Joyce has now returned home after several weeks in hospital- much improved but very weak.
February 2017
A special event has been arranged at Witton Chapel and advertised in the local community addressing the subject of Creation and questions relating to believing the Bible in this scientific age.
Audio recording of the talk "Proclaiming Creation in a Scientific Age".
Creation Event banner
November 2016
Bernard and Joyce have now returned to Zambia and are making their way back to Ikelenge. The latest building project to provide a girls' home for the older teenage girls is expected to be completed soon.
Girls home without roof
September 2016
Bernard and Joyce have returned to the UK for a two month sabbatical and are due to return to Zambia at the beginning of November.
June 2016
We have begun a new outreach activity with a monthly literature table outside the chapel on a Saturday morning to complement our tracting in the neighbourhood and in the town centre which usually takes place at Christmas, Harvest and Easter.
Church literature table
March 2016
Bernard has now been granted a permanent Zambian residency permit having been working for 10 years among the orphans in North West Zambia.
January 2016
Bernard is returning to Zambia now following his brief stay in the UK. He hopes to return again with Joyce in September.
November 2015
Bernard is feeling better having been resting in Lusaka. He will be returning to the UK for a couple of weeks from December 26th.
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